Skin White Herbal Olive Whitening & Moisturizing Cream 68 gm

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Category : Whitening cream

Repair skin layer by layer, go deeply and improve five skin problems. Effectively produces three dimensional whitening effect. Improve the Skin texture from inside & outside. Now getting five star fairness skin is not impossible

The key advantages of using Olive Whitening Cream are following:

Deep Whitening
Repairing moisturizing
Foundation Cream
For Healthy Glowing & spotless beauty
Solution for skin complexion
Pure olive: Nourishing the skin.
Tea tree: Balance the excretion of grease.
Shea Butter: Avoid drying crack,nourish deeply
Mulberry leaves: Including many kinds of vitamin and Mineral, Amino add, can improve the
Warning: For external Use Only

It give relaxation and nourishment to skin
It give glowy effect to skin
It helps to improve skin complexion
It give spotless beauty
It keeps your skin hydrated
It helps to repair dead skin and pores
It can be used on daily basis


1 x Olive skin white cream


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